Having a relationship with God requires daily work. The most difficult aspect of the relationship is realizing that He knows best. There are times when it escapes our mind that God is sovereign, all knowing, and all wise. We are so busy living life, we believe that we can resist temptation and choose wisely without His help. That is not what the Word teaches.

We are dependent on God being God. Humans co-exist inter-dependently on earth, but all humans depend and exist because of God. You may be atheist, agnostic, Catholic, Christian, Jewish, or Muslim... but Psalm 24 reads... The earth is the LORD'S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.”

When you find yourself at a crossroad, and have no idea how to proceed.. admit to God that you are struggling with your situation. God will open the way for you. He will show you why why you are struggling, then He heal your brokeness.  He will restore you, making you clean and new again.

He reveals your sins, guides and restores you, then directs you back to your anointed path.


Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you, it is determined by the attitude you bring to life. Many events happen that push us into action and alter our emotions. Some are easily dealt with, others push us to our limits and beyond.  God_ in His infinite wisdom knew that the journey before us would require certain skillsets.  He gave us everything needed for every potential challenge or event, it’s in our DNA.God knew we would be required to think, analyze, and make decisions. He knew that life would require mobility, so He created a body that would take us through this journey. God knew that no matter how much He created us in His likeness, we would have limitations.  Through the power of

the Creator, we were armed for our journey.

He placed in you a mind, body and spirit.  You have the ability to nurture and develop each so that you can face any challenge. As you feed your spirit, you gain strength, courage and wisdom. But the greatest work of the Master was giving us spirit. We have limitations and there will be times when we need help beyond any earthly help. God left a vacant place in each heart so that once you accept Jesus Christ as Lord, He would fill that space. He would reside there, guiding you, protecting you and communing with you. His spirit is in you.

We are a miracle that God created. But the true miracle comes in our needing Him, and He availing Himself to walk with us...

God created us to need Him and teaches us to seek Him.