Much of what we do can be associated with our level of self-esteem. People with a high level of self-esteem are usually super achievers and believers. They have no fear of failure, opposition, or being denied. They know that one missed blessing opens the door for another. They walk in faith, the kind of faith that says, “I am God’s child and what belongs to me is mine.”

You can recognize these people. They are fighting spirits who fight not out of conflict, but because they are warriors. Warriors will not commit a crime, or do drive by shootings, a true warrior walks with the walk of a Lion, they understand their strength, and they live under the power of the WORD. They are covered in the blood of Jesus and use it to do better and be better.

Warriors do not shrink in fear when tyrants work against them. Warriors do not roam neighborhoods randomly shooting into crowds. Warriors do not sit around asking why are they taking away my rights?  Warriors do not sit around watching their power being taken.

Warriors fear nothing, they fear no one.  WHY?

Warriors operate under the guidance of Jesus Christ our Lord. They do not hesitate to stand up for justice or fairness. They are believers who will never shrink in adversity, will never willingly give up their rights, never allow themselves to fall under the control of demonic spirits.  Instead of carrying a gun... their weapon is the sword of righteousness and the shield of faith.  Warriors know the battle was won on the Cross, but satan is coming after mankind because he is no match for God. 

The battle is for a seat in God’s Kingdom... satan's battle is to block our path.


One of the most comforting scriptures in the Bible is Isaiah 43.2. “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; I have called you by your name.. YOU are MINE.” It is comforting to have a promise from God guaranteeing that if and when you face trials, He will never abandon you. You are never alone in the face of adversity.
You may feel that your trials are overwhelming, but when you read about the trials that others face, you are humbled by their magnitude. Scripture tells us that Moses and the Israelites were fleeing the Egyptian army, they were blocked by the Red Sea. With little hope of survival, they thought they would have to fight a battle they would surely lose. But they did not know God was with them. God parted the Red Sea and the Israelites escaped.  There are many stories where followers thought they were alone in their situation.  What if you were placed in a fiery furnace, or in a lion’s den, or sent to fight a giant... these biblical figures were never alone. God worked miracles through Jesus and they lived through the experience. That is how God works when you trust Him and when you follow Him.
You will encounter storms, you will be placed in uncomfortable circumstances and wonder how the heck will I survive this. How can I make it when I only have me to depend on. There will be times when you have no one to turn to. But, you are never alone, God knew your problem before it crossed your path. He enjoys having His child come to Him for help. We honor Him by asking for help, we display the level of our FAITH when we turn our troubles over to Him.. then let go.


Are you feeling broken, filled with emptiness? Feeling as though you have given as much as you can and need a re-charge.  God loves working with broken pieces, all you need do is submit your broken spirit to Him.


Feeling broken can be caused by many things. Professional, personal, world events, or health and loss. You may visit a Doctor, but he cannot mend a broken spirit. Doctors are trained to PRACTICE medicine. God was never trained, and He never has to practice, because “GOD IS.”  He is the answer to your un-asked questions, the cure for what ails you, your bright and morning star, a guide when you wander in the valley shadowed by death. He can do anything and everything.


There will be days when you feel inadequate to handle the challenges of the day, that is normal. The wealthiest people and the poorest people have those days. Leaders and servants have those days, no one is exempt. What makes us different is, some are believers and will seek Jesus Christ our Lord, others will arrogantly think they can manipulate the events of life to make themselves whole.


As creator of heaven and earth, God is the Master Craftsman. God scooped clay from the earth, held it in His hands and molded nothingness into a living being. He can take your broken pieces, rearrange them and make you whole again.


How sweet the name of Jesus sounds to the believer’s ear, it makes the wounded spirit whole., it calms the troubled heart, feeds the hungry soul and gives the weary rest.


When you serve the Lord, do so as a humble servant. Spend plenty of uninterrupted time with the one that is most deserving. No matter how busy your life is, you find time to attend sporting events, concerts, festivals, and never allow distractions. You forget about work, bills, car repairs and some forget God while they are totally immersed in the fun events.

In a world filled with pressures that cause anxiety and stress, we need sustenance to nurture our spirit and give us courage. We need a source that fills our spirit with everything that gives us power to fight evil and stay obedient. That source is Our Lord and Savior. The Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley.

Knowing that God is the source of goodness and provider of all our needs, we must prioritize what is important in life. If there was no GOD, there would be no concerts, sporting events, festivals, no world, and no YOU. Life would not exist, and you would never have anxiety and stress. But we have had a taste of life and we enjoy this journey. It would be respectful to graciously spend time with our benefactor. He is worthy to be praised with your undivided time, attention and in your most humble sense of being.