All humans are made of one blood and entitled to God’s mercy and kindness. He created you in His likeness, all one family.  Whether you believe in Him or not, God is merciful, and you are beneficiary to His mercy. You may look around and see others who appear to be more blessed, but you have not because you ask not. If you accept Jesus as Lord, you should not lack for anything that is required for your journey. You may not have financial wealth, but you will be blessed to live in comfort.

As believers, you understand the value of covering others in prayer. We must cover the enemy, the wayward, sinners and leaders who have lost their way. We cover them not for their benefit, but for the world’s peace. We ask God to guide them down the right path, simply because their path can be harmful to the masses. We must pray unselfish prayers for God to move the mountains that are obstacles.. or show us the way around them.

We must assume the posture of Praying Warriors.  It is the prayers of a few soldiers in the army of the Lord, that will invoke God’s mercies on all nations and people.


Gratitude is recognizing the bonus value for favorable things or positive life experiences for which we did not actively work for, or ask for.

Everyday you are blessed. You are recipient of things that are good and not so good, but all that you receive requires a response to the Father. Your response to the Father, invites future blessings into your life. A simple Thank-you Father, is all it takes to honor Him for all the goodness and mercy He has shown you. It is showing appreciation for what we may not have asked for, may not deserve, and did not pray about.

Thanksgiving is not the only time to show appreciation. It is proper to give thanks everyday. Each day we are blessed with life, an earthly home, air and water. These are essentials of life. Above that, God see's fit to give us so much more.

A Father rewards His children who are gracious, grateful and good.