Happiness is caused by our circumstances. When we are comfortable and enjoying life, we are happy. When our life is disrupted and out of our control, our nature is to be unhappy. Life will not be great every day, and it will not be unpleasant all the time. God is good.

When you know Jesus Christ, you can experience a deeper joy that is not dependent on life’s circumstance. In grief, sorrow, confinement, and oppression, the Native Indian, Jews, Africans, found something beyond this world that allowed them to face their fate. Some survived, some did not, but most of them believed in a supernatural force that gave them strength to face each day.

When you look at life, the ups, downs, uncertainties, and conditions, it is necessary for you to cultivate a bond with Christ. Confinement teaches us what the Native American Indian, Jews and Africans knew. Faith in man is ill-advised,  we need something more secure than human relationships.

Christ is forever, and the same. A relationship with Him provides us with a sense of security that we belong to God, and He is in control of our lives and all that happens in this world. Knowing this, we can relax and trust Him in our current situation. We will feel happy all the time, but we will have a deep sense of joy that we belong to Christ, and His plans for us are all good.  This is a joy that the world did not give, and the world cannot take away.



When you are concerned about your outward appearance, you watch your diet, exercise, and do what is necessary to tone muscles and strengthen the body. Before you leave home, you take time to adorn yourself.  You groom yourself by shaving or applying make-up. You select your dress for the day, then walk out the door to face the world. If you have self pride and would like to present a well put together you, that is your truth. If you go through the ritual out of concern for how others view you, that is not your truth.

You know that God watches over you and knows everything you do. While He is not concerned about your outward appearance, He is concerned about your spiritual health. Though it is nice to look put together, it is your spirit that touches the lives of others. Good spiritual health requires faith,  you cannot go to the closet and select your faith for today, it is not an accessory, it should be something deep within your heart that sustains you and the person you are. Faith is your connection to God, it is what powers you to live right, do right, and know that God walks with you. It is what you need for this journey of life.

When you walk into the gym and put in the work, it takes time to see a difference. When you walk into communion with the Father, you walk away better than you were. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. When you go to God in prayer, you are believing that what you desire, will be done.


In times of personal wins, celebrations, miracles, and triumphs, it is necessary to pause and thank God for His goodness. In the excitement and euphoria, it is easy to get caught up in the joy of the moment and forget to acknowledge God's goodness... but God is watching and He loves to be praised. As Our Father and provider for all things, the Father enjoys when we speak our gratitude.

God’s love for you is revealed in His abundant blessings. His forgiveness, His mercy, and His promise of eternal life. He shows us love by holding us close when we hurt, guiding our steps when we are loss, and giving us air to breathe.  Even in times of difficulty, He is ever present. In times of plagues and uncertainty, He is all knowing of the source, the why, and the purpose. He is mightier than anything the earth can spit out, or man can create in a lab.

When God allowed His Son Jesus Christ to die on Golgotha, then brought Him back to life to reside with Him in His Kingdom... that is proof positive that God has the power and wisdom, to give us the victory over all that is evil.

All we need do is pray without ceasing,

then Trust and obey!