Trials and tribulations come and go. There are some that you alone cannot handle. You draw on your inner strength and it's just not enough. You may be prayed up and spiritually fortified, but there are some things that are just too much to bear alone.  

There is never a reason to feel that you are facing life alone. God is every where and warring angels are wallking among us. These are the people that appear at the right time, in the right place, and know just what to say and do. They ease your load in your time of need, they are sent by God. 

Months after I lost my Mother, I was out shopping. My heart was heavy because it was just before Mother's Day. I didn't intend to buy anything but the mall always cheered me up. As I shopped a very tall sales assosiate approached me and offered her help, I told her I was just looking and walked away. After about ten minutes, she approached me again.. I gave her the same reply. Finally I grabbed something and went to checkout. This woman was kind, and friendly. When she finished I was near tears out of sadness, but she looked at me and said," If you ever need assistance, my name is Daisy. 

Having shopped at that store for a long time, I never saw this sales person before, and I went back for over a year and never saw her again.

By the way, my Mother's name is Daisy.


When you focus on the future, you miss out on living joyously in the present. To function in the present, you must be present. The past cannot be changed, and the future is not promised, all you have is today.

In His infinite wisdom, God created us to be dependent on him and to live interdependently with all that share this earth. If He wanted us to know our full story, He would have made it available. Your story is filled with phases of growth. Each lesson is taught at the time of need. 

My spouse was required to travel for business. Each year we received a list of exotic places where his business meetings were held.  He was unphased by it, but I was always excited. Knowing that he required me to travel with him, I would start planning, and shopping.  This is the very reason God does not allow us to see but so far into the future. We waste precious time preparing for what is to come, and do not live in the "now."

 These lessons are taught according to God’s timing, and our need to know. What may happen to you in December 2020 is unknown to you, perhaps you have not acquired the skills to handle these events.   So everyday is important to live it in its moment. There are levels of learning, lessons that you must pass on each level. Lessons in spiritual and physical growth that prepare you to deal with everything that life offers.

As you journey on, God will guide you while lighting the area that reveals your next steps. When He feels you are ready to move forward, the light will shine again. Allow Him to guide your steps and be willing to move your feet.