God has given us unlimited potential to succeed at many different things, yet few of us tap into that well. Talent, strength, courage, compassion, are possessed by all of us, but each spirit must have a desire to acknowledge, develop and use these blessings. When you are in partnership with God, you become empowered, and through years of living life, every event is cause for you to draw from these blessings.

As you observe the actions of others, you may be inspired to achieve something that requires the use of an untapped skill. Many young women were inspired by Judge Ginsburg… I remember when my Aunt, a public health nurse passed, several people spoke at her funeral saying she inspired them to become a Registered Nurse.  As a child watching my sisters play piano, I developed the desire to play, and asked Mom, if I could take piano lessons. What in your life was done because you had a role model that inspired you?

Strength, courage, and compassion lives within each spirit. Life determines when you put them to use.  Facing a health challenge, loss of employment, death of a loved one, strength is needed to work and heal your way through. We call on courage when life seems to spiral out of our control. The current times in which we live, pushes us to be strong and courageous in facing the future. It also requires that we show compassion to the less fortunate and help those in need.

When you focus on your partnership with God, you understand how His hand is interwoven into your daily life. He gives us strength, courage, and love, whenever we are running on empty. His word teaches us to love one another and through that love, we look out for others.

Life will present many hills, curves, obstacles, and scenic views.. some we will enjoy, others we will need help.

With God.. we can overcome.


When you focus on the future, you miss out on living joyously in the present. To function in the present, you must be present. The past cannot be changed, and the future is not promised, all you have is today.

In His infinite wisdom, God created us to be dependent on him and to live interdependently with all that share this earth. If He wanted us to know our full story, He would have made it available. Your story is filled with phases of growth. Each lesson is taught at the time of need. 

My spouse was required to travel for business. Each year we received a list of exotic places where his business meetings were held.  He was unphased by it, but I was always excited. Knowing that he required me to travel with him, I would start planning, and shopping.  This is the very reason God does not allow us to see but so far into the future. We waste precious time preparing for what is to come, and do not live in the "now."

These lessons are taught according to God’s timing, and our need to know. What may happen to you in December 2020 is unknown to you. There will be events that require specific skills, perhaps you have not acquired the skills to handle these events.   So everyday is important to live it in its moment. There are levels of learning, lessons that you must pass on each level. Lessons in spiritual and physical growth that prepare you to deal with everything that life offers.

As you journey on, God will guide you while lighting the area that reveals your next steps. When He feels you are ready to move forward, the light will shine again. Allow Him to guide your steps and be willing to move your feet.