This is the season we spend time with family, sharing memories over a hearty dinner, while showing gratitude for our blessings. To be safe, social distancing will prevent many family gatherings due to high risk among the most vulnerable. While it is tradition, the best traditions can be altered due to life’s circumstances. The uncertain times in which we live may alter how we spend our day, but cannot change our hearts.

We can enjoy a meal, show gratitude for family and to God for His Blessings. We can reach out through technology to face time family celebrations. The important thing is not having turkey but having the love of family and friends. True love stands the test of time, and as patient as we have been in being obedient in fighting this plague, we can be as patient waiting for our next family celebration. 

We can learn much as we sit at home.. When this plague is over, the next face to face gathering, will fill us with a deeper love and a stronger appreciation of those we value. Our next gathering will truly be one of sincere thank you to God, who sheltered us and kept us sane and safe. We will have developed a new love and appreciation for life’s simple things as we learn to value each life because all lives matter.

Journey for TODAY

Sometimes we are restless as we wait for life to unfold. Instead of burning good energy being restless, fretful and worrying, understand that the Creator of the universe is in charge. It does not matter if you are a believer or non- believer, God created a world where there is perfect order to all things. It may appear that things are out of sync, and folks are behaving badly, but things will come back to its center.

What is “Divine Order? Divine Order is the Essence that pulls planets together to create solar systems and galaxies. It is that which empowers our sun to shine on our sacred planet. It is that which empowers our planet to spin, rivers to flow, animals to be birthed and plants to grow. It is that which lies in each and everyone of us. Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

God uses divine order because His plans are carried out by humans. He works through His people. He knows that we are fallible, so divine order becomes most important and necessary when earth’s order and peace depends on fallible beings.  When you look at the life of Jesus Christ, you see God’s “Divine Order” at work.. Couldn't God have saved mankind without working through an individual?
Jesus never introduced himself with a name. He always asked.. Jesus asked His disciples “Who do you say I am?”  The question is recorded in three of the four Gospels. But this question is more complicated than it might seem. Their answer wasn’t just “Jesus.” It was so much more.

At some point in all our lives, we are faced with a similar question. Who do we say Jesus is? A prophet? A moral teacher? The Son of God? Who is Jesus?

In “Divine Order,” His answer could simply be I AM_THAT. I AM_ THAT. I AM THAT, THAT, and THAT.



Are you blessed with all your desires and everything is going your way? Are you deliriously happy, financially secure, and in good health?  If so, you are in a good place in life. Count your blessings.

Sadly, most of the world is struggling.  Yes, we are blessed to be alive, but happiness escapes most. Sadness fills the spirit because life is more complicated, and things have changed.  While the world has not solved the universal problems, most of us are impatiently praying for divine intervention. In times like these, you need a Savior. Being upset about your problems never changes them, and A bad attitude is like a flat tire. If you don’t change it, you won’t go anywhere.

Life may bring difficulties, but we learn how to navigate those times successfully without losing our peace and joy. The thoughts we allow into our minds, and the attitude we choose to have, are the determining factors. Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning. Remember the old saying “This too shall pass.”  If you wait long enough, everything changes.. Difficult times are designed to steal your peace and joy, but always think and speak positively.  During these “winters” in your life remember that spring always follows winter.

No matter how difficult life is, God loves you. He’s with you. He promised to never allow more to come on you than you can bear as you look to Him for help. During tough times, it’s easy to think, I can’t do this; it is just too much; it is too hard. Watch out for that type of thinking and when you recognize it, remember that it is negative talk.

Replace negative thoughts with God-inspired thoughts like, I can do what I need to do because God is with me. This winter season in my life will be over soon and spring will come. Spring is the renewing of things that lay dormant during the winter season, it is A re-birth for God’s earth, and His people.



God has given us unlimited potential to succeed at many different things, yet few of us tap into that well. Talent, strength, courage, compassion, are possessed by all of us, but each spirit must have a desire to acknowledge, develop and use these blessings. When you are in partnership with God, you become empowered, and through years of living life, every event is cause for you to draw from these blessings.

As you observe the actions of others, you may be inspired to achieve something that requires the use of an untapped skill. Many young women were inspired by Judge Ginsburg… I remember when my Aunt, a public health nurse passed, several people spoke at her funeral saying she inspired them to become a Registered Nurse.  As a child watching my sisters play piano, I developed the desire to play, and asked Mom, if I could take piano lessons. What in your life was done because you had a role model that inspired you?

Strength, courage, and compassion lives within each spirit. Life determines when you put them to use.  Facing a health challenge, loss of employment, death of a loved one, strength is needed to work and heal your way through. We call on courage when life seems to spiral out of our control. The current times in which we live, pushes us to be strong and courageous in facing the future. It also requires that we show compassion to the less fortunate and help those in need.

When you focus on your partnership with God, you understand how His hand is interwoven into your daily life. He gives us strength, courage, and love, whenever we are running on empty. His word teaches us to love one another and through that love, we look out for others.

Life will present many hills, curves, obstacles, and scenic views.. some we will enjoy, others we will need help.

With God.. we can overcome.


When you focus on the future, you miss out on living joyously in the present. To function in the present, you must be present. The past cannot be changed, and the future is not promised, all you have is today.

In His infinite wisdom, God created us to be dependent on him and to live interdependently with all that share this earth. If He wanted us to know our full story, He would have made it available. Your story is filled with phases of growth. Each lesson is taught at the time of need. 

My spouse was required to travel for business. Each year we received a list of exotic places where his business meetings were held.  He was unphased by it, but I was always excited. Knowing that he required me to travel with him, I would start planning, and shopping.  This is the very reason God does not allow us to see but so far into the future. We waste precious time preparing for what is to come, and do not live in the "now."

These lessons are taught according to God’s timing, and our need to know. What may happen to you in December 2020 is unknown to you. There will be events that require specific skills, perhaps you have not acquired the skills to handle these events.   So everyday is important to live it in its moment. There are levels of learning, lessons that you must pass on each level. Lessons in spiritual and physical growth that prepare you to deal with everything that life offers.

As you journey on, God will guide you while lighting the area that reveals your next steps. When He feels you are ready to move forward, the light will shine again. Allow Him to guide your steps and be willing to move your feet.