There is a peace that surrounds you when you have a conversation with God. When you begin each new day with prayer and scripture, you open your spirit to receive word from God throughout the day. When you talk with God first thing each morning, there is a sweetness that enters your spirit and prepares you for what you may face the rest of the day.

As the weather heats up, and life’s events push folk to the edge of their good nerve, you need God to keep you centered.  Being centered means you have honored God through prayer as you nurture your spirit. You invite God into your heart to walk with you each day. The sweetness and benefit of morning prayer surrounds you with positive energy, covering you with the blood of Jesus. In that center, you are encircled by Gods protective arms. That is your shield against the darkness of the world.

What better place to be than in God’s care! Listen for God’s voice throughout the day. He will guide you, give you strength as He orders your steps. He does not guarantee that the day will be trouble free, He guarantees that you are never alone.


When we are disappointed with life, we tend to go on the defensive. Many will place blame on something or someone, some will lash out at others. We go through a period of reflection, believing that we are being punished. God does not punish us by hurting us. He corrects us in a loving, Fatherly manner.

When you are faced with disappointment, step away from the situation and ask God to guide and strengthen you. Looking at your situation from the outside gives you time to gain a different perspective. You realize that it is not something that cannot be dealt with, and you seek God for help.

God is always available and willing to help. He will comfort you as He orders your steps toward resolution. As God guides you to victory, He will inspire you to keep going and not give up. You will pass another test in life, and have a testimony to share with others about the goodness of God.