We are often put in positions where we have no clue as to what is going on, nor do we understand why. We believe that bad things happen when we are being punished. We are conditioned to believe that life is good when we have been good... but that is not how God works.

YES, He is a God that will do what is necessary to get our attention. He does provide our needs and some of our wants.. and yes, He can be a vengeful God.  He has sent famine, drought, and plagues through out the Bible.. but that is where He works miracles.

The world has been shaken so hard, it is impossible to ignore the shaking and go on with life as usual. This plague requires you to examine how you have treated your family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. It requires that you examine how you treat people who are different from you. Be it sexual preference, religion, ethnicity, or financial status. It requires that you look at how you have treated those in power that embraced diversity and did fair and good things for all, regardless of their ethnicity.      

The last question you must ask... “AM I RIGHT WITH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD?”  Plagues can show you the power of the Holy Father and how He can take bad events and work them for your good.  Are you an obedient believer?  Now is a good time to mend your relations and start fresh.

Dust off the Bible, and spend time reading.


​​​​​​​Although the resurrection happened thousands of years ago, yesterday marked the day we celebrate this miracle. Today is a new day. It is the day after the actual miracle where people were shocked, awed and in total disbelief. Some of the people knew Jesus, others thought He was a hoax, fake, even a shyster. But they learned who Jesus was.. and the world changed forever.

We have been refreshed and renewed because Jesus lives.  He has forgiven our sins and His death serves as an eternal light of hope for all mankind. But it was His life in the flesh that has the greatest impact on how we should live. Many folks are turning to ancestor.com to discover their lineage. All you need do is turn to Jesus Christ. We are linked by blood to the same Father in Heaven. There, is where our roots begin.

Sure.. you are stuck in the house. Sure.. you want to get back to work. Sure.. you miss running to the mall, dining out, and socializing. These are times when we can work on spiritual, physical or professional development. Free on-line computer classes, reading, listening to or playing music, and spending time with those on lock down with you. But we still hang on to our cell phone and praise our computer for linking us to the outside world.. have you stopped to pray and thank God for your journey? Have you stopped to think about your family and the blessings they bring to your life?

We have been taught that trials and tribulations push us closer to the Father. In times when earthly answers can’t help, we fall on our knees and humble ourselves to Christ.  We are living in those times. The time for our resurrection is now... we must seek God with all our heart and turn from our wicked ways.

Evolving through a Process 


Before a rose reaches its full bloom, its beginning was as a bulb placed in soil. The sprawling trees, flowers, and other living things started life as a seed. They commonly share one necessity, that is to “mature.” Growth and development for all living things requires maturity.

As humans who began life as a thought that produced a seed, maturing in the womb was necessary for us to become a living being. From birth until our transition, intellectual and spiritual maturity is a process we go through, it is developed over time. It is unknown if one ever reaches their full potential, how can you measure what one can become?  How can you measure what is left to do, in any life!

Some folks measure their maturity though achievements, children, accumulating houses and cars. Folks are anxious to impress others with what they have. In my neighborhood, if a new car appears in my driveway, within a month, a new car will appear across the street. That is not maturity but competition.

We must strive for maturity in life that is measurable. The apostle Paul teaches that we should only measure our progress against the character of Christ. It may be impossible, but to aim lower is to have a heart of envy, jealousy, and unnecessary competition. As you think about Holy Week, remember the who, what, why of the crucifixion. Remember Jesus as He walked the earth in the flesh, touching lives, healing, performing miracles and setting an example for mankind’s treatment of mankind.

Ask God for strength, He will open your path to living a Godly life.