When it rains, it can sprinkle or it can pour down.  As children we enjoyed walking in the rain and stepping into huge puddles. Living in the sunny Florida, it was a blessing to when God sent rain, we often prayed for rain to nourish the flowers and grass, and cool things down.

In those days, our parents purchased bright yellow raincoats and galoshes. We wore funny little rain hats to protect our head, while the older folks used umbrellas. We treated our rainy days as miracles that we enjoyed and thanked God for.

In todays world, rainy days or the storms of life refer to trials and tribulations in our personal life. Trials that mentally trap you into worry and uncertainty. But just as our parents prepared us for walks in the rain, the key to victory in bad situations is PREPARATION.

As adults of faith, we can wrap ourselves in God’s protective armor against the enemy. That prepares us for the inevitable. Our parents gave us all the protection they could as when we needed their wisdom. Now as adults, we understand the importance of preparedness. Just as you own a winter coat to keep you warn in winter, you must keep a God connection for this journey. When you are prepared, you can move through any crisis.. and still smile as you await the out come.

Prayer, Scripture, and Praise, opens your heart to believing, trusting, and having unshakeable FAITH. That is your protection against anything that life sends your way.


We have plans for our lives, but what matters most is God’s plan for each life. We are often mis-led into believing that God’s purpose for us is to prosper monetarily or have great career success..  while these things are good to have, it is not required. Abundant living is not based on material things or wealth. Abundant life means having what is needed to live.. and living a Christ-like life.

Being Christ-like is not difficult, it is easier than being a sinner. Being a sinner requires a near perfect memory. You must keep track of your lies, people you hurt, and all the bad things you have done… why?  You will be called out eventually, having to answer to a spouse, significant other, family member, friends, and eventually to God. But… when you live a Christ-like existence, you will be reminded by others_ of all that you have done. The memory of your actions will be engraved in the hearts of many others, for you have been a good and faithful servant.

God’s Abundant life means loving Him and helping others as you journey through this world. That is a measure that qualifies each of us for eternal life in His kingdom. The beauty of eternal life is everything that you need is there. Nothing from this earth can be carried by the spirit when it transitions into eternity, earthly things have no divine value.  Prepare your own spirit, some who preach on wealth and prosperity are not preparing you for eternal life in God’s Kingdom..


If someone speaks negatively about you, you can choose to receive it, or brush it off as untruth. Will you receive it and believe it, or will you know your truth? Knowing your truth means people can say anything about you, but you are unbothered, unphased and unchanged. You understand that labels are opinions based on one’s embrace of culture, life experience, or ignorance. If you allow negative talk to penetrate your spirit and define you, then you don’t know who, or whose you are.

Every case of civil disobedience is a response to stereotypes and labels. Every war begins with divisive speech that pits groups against other groups. It is also based on a clouded opinion by a specific group that they are superior. If you believe that you are inferior or superior because of your skin color, you cannot believe in God.  God does not make mistakes.

I remember growing up in the south, I was called many names, but the one I answered to was given to me at birth, by Daisy and Melvin Russaw. That is who I have always been. You cannot fall into a trap of believing all that you hear, or all that you are called. If you don’t know who you are, that is a journey you must travel until you get the answer. It will not be found in it will be found deep in your heart, in your experiences, in your family tree.