There have been moments when things did not happen as you planned. There are a range of emotions you may go through, but often we allow anger to enter our spirit. Not intentionally, but there are so many events that happen in this life, we are in a state of frustration when we respond in anger.

The first thing we learn as spiritual beings is to guard our emotions. As believers, we trust that God is working things out for our good. Even though we experience events that provoke us to anger, believing that God is working in your favor will determine how you respond to unpleasant events.

Pilates, Yoga, Exercise, and meditation are tools that will help you control your reactions to negative outside stimuli. And we must always seek a quiet place where we can commune with spirit as we align our mind, body, and spirit with Christ's teachings. We have the power to calm ourselves.. you must first pause, then respond.


The only way to really know what’s fake is to know what’s real. Sometimes folks fall for for foolish ideas because they don’t know the truth. They are not interested in researching, reading or discussions that allow an even exchange of information.  And when you don’t know what’s authentic, they can’t spot a lie.

This why it is so important to study God’s Word. By knowing biblical truth, you’ll be able to spot false teaching. To distinguish fake from real in daily life, the Bible offers divine examples on recognition and rooting out lies, and deceitful people. It sharpens your ability to differentiate the good from bad, light from what is dark energy.  It increases your level of perception so you can recognize false prophets, blasphemers, sacrilegious spreaders of propaganda. You will see the demon possessed for what they are.

Make the time to improve your ability to recognize truth. If you have the ability to recognize truth, you are strong in spirit, but if not, pick up the Bible and read. God’s Word was given to us so that we would gain the wisdom needed to live a fulfilling and productive life. Make the most of this awesome gift by taking the time to study.