We are so busy trying to get to the next station of our journey that we fail to enjoy where we are. So often we forget that God has planned this trip and we are exactly where we are because that is His plan.

When you examine your life and it seems that you are almost always stuck in situations that do not serve you… there is a reason.   If God only hears from you when you are in the wilderness, He will "allow" the devil to keep you in the wilderness.

God loves all of His children and like a Father wants to share quality time.  God does not want to see you hurt or in pain,  but if you only seek Him when you are in distress… then you will be in distress most of your journey.  If the only time you seek Him is when you are in a dark place,   He will "allow" the devil to put you there.

When you pray to God daily you show Him honor and respect. He loves to hear from us when things are good, He likes for us to sing His praises. God the Father, though all powerful with a hand that rules the world, loves it when we commune with Him.  

Stay in touch with Him all the days of your life and the reward will be yours.


Bless a thing and it will bless you. Curse it and it will curse you. When you bless a situation it has no power to hurt you, if it is worrisome or causes you stress for a time, if you blessed the situation from the heart, it will quietly fade away.

Often things occur and you don't know why?  But as you continue the " journey" and months and maybe years puts distance between you and the event, you are enlightened with a better understanding of why. 

Blessed be this day for me and mine, Blessed be the night for me and mine, Blessed is my having a job, Blessed is my relationship with family and friends. These are affirmations that you can repeat throughout the day.  When you walk among enemies and darkness…you can walk confidently knowing that you are connected to God throughout the day. 

In situations where you feel that the people around you wish you no good…. your constant friend and connection is God. Bless them and ask God to move obstacles out of the way. There is always pleasure in knowing GOD and having Faith, the two necessary things needed for your "journey with spirit."