When you find yourself in an undesirable place, know that you can move through and beyond the circumstances. You are not the circumstance, these are life events that happen to you. Circumstances are a part of life that in some form, all will experience. Today, you may be in, or going through some things, but it is not punishment and it does not define who you are. It is a lesson that you must learn in preparation for more difficult lessons.

Each life will face obstacles and challenges that can derail you from your divine path. When you are living your purpose, you are living for Christ, and you know that is not pleasing to satan. The dark one will enter your life when you are in a celebratory season, when your life is good, he watches. And soon enough, he pounces on you seeking to devour your spirit and separate you from the love of Christ Jesus. The devil can only win IF you let him.

Sometimes we forget that God remains in Heaven and we should direct our thoughts and prayers to Him. We may feel alone and discouraged at times, but God is a God of possibility. He will do nothing negative to you and yours. He will guide you through your difficulties and far beyond until you reach your blessing. No matter what is happening, all things are ruled by a King who seeks our highest good. God is merely testing our FAITH. He knows that the future is filled with events that will challenge us and we must be prepared.

In every lesson, He is building our endurance in preparation for greater obstacles, roadblocks, and a higher level of circumstances.


Do not fret because of evildoers, nor be envious of the workers of iniquity. They shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.

Psalm 37:1-2

When Jesus set out to teach and preach, His mission was to serve. Being the Son of our Holy Father, many who encountered Him spoke of serving Him, but Jesus simply wanted believers. Those who believed enough to be obedient to His word. He sought those who believed enough to follow Him.

We are called to the altar of believers. It is absolute believing in the Word, that our faith matures.  It is faith in God, that brought us to this point in time. Our ancestors were true believers. During uncomfortable and brutal rides on slave ships_ they believed, in the cotton fields_ they believed, when they were kicked off their land and placed on reservations, they honored the Great Spirit. When marched to the ovens of certain death_ they believed. It is the faith of those that came before us that sustained them, saved some, and enabled its ethnic groups to re-produce and avoid extinction.

History has been brutal to all our people, and through all the praying and believing, the perpetrators still hold power. It can be hard for you to be a true believer when you view world history. How could a loving God allow true believers to face such torment? The same question can be asked today. How can we the people, Christians, evangelicals, believers in God_ view today’s brutal treatment of the least of God’s children, and turn our backs on what is RIGHT?

Through prospects of eminent death, the ancestors held on to their beliefs. Their faith never came up short. In may appear that the more they were tormented, the more they turned to God... that is FAITH.

Yes, that is the world we live in. Fair_ sometimes. Inclusive_ sometimes. But never totally unbiased. To worry, is to doubt. To be afraid, is to doubt the power of the Almighty God. It may be painful but sing God’s praises. He does not cause oppression, He allows mankind to exercise free will. It is man’s deeds that oppress, they are the ones who need Jesus. But God is Good... Even if some deranged people are exercising their free to hurt others.

God will prevail!!  A new day is coming.