I read many devotional books and notice that page after page it starts with...” no matter how bad your situation, or during trials and tribulations.”  There are many days when you experience the best that life has to offer and all you need do is show gratitude. These devotionals are wonderful guides that inspire, but just for today.. realize your power.  Dig deep into your spirit to determine what you need, then pursue it.

Every day is a gift from God and we are not in a bad place every day. Life can be wonderful, it can be as perfect as it can get considering we are earth bound, but many days we just need to look up to the heavens and thank God for His grace and mercy. Thank Him for the blessings in your life and thank Him for the difficulties that push you to reach and grow.

Regardless of your place in life, God is always in control. The world may be lost, but you are not. You have within your spirit the tools needed to be all you can be, to face day to day challenges and not allow others to push you around. You have the wisdom to know when you need to call on God.

Just for today, let’s just say Thank-you Lord for giving us another day.


God has gifted us with certain abilities. He placed in our DNA survival mechanisms designed to get us through this life.  In doing so, He understood that some would lack the knowledge needed,  and would not pursue learning opportunities. Earthly opportunities that would enhance their abilities to process information, threats, and act accordingly. 

Many opinions that we formulate are to our detriment. As we educate ourselves, our opinions and how we view the world is based on our paradigm. Our life experiences, biases, cultural awareness,  cultural ignorance, blocks our ability to see what is real and true. It is the spirit of darkness that enables selfish, greedy, inhumane behaviors. There are many who profess to be Christians. Those who claim God sent an evil president who takes food from the elderly, cage children, block heath care, and promotes high cost of needed medications to those in need_  cannot believe on Jesus Christ.  The Bibles says so.

When sinners pray,  can God keep a straight face as He listens to their prayers. Perhaps God has placed us in a national wilderness to awaken us.  How long we stay in the wlderness depends on our choices.  We must atone for our sins before God forgives us.  He will then heal our soul and saves our land.


When you can stand in your power and speak, and it is spiritually received, people are convinced that you are who you say you are and you can do what you say you can, you are not to be denied.  Reading the scriptures, you cannot help but feel the power of God’s words. When God speaks the words “Thou shall not, I AM, I Will,”  He takes full responsibility of fulfilling His promise.

So often we make the mistake of trying to control a situation, or make it happen as we desire, or work against God’s promise and we fail. We are so strong-willed that we believe we can create and change the divine path God has assigned to us. It is time to be obedient. When you stop shadow boxing with God, you will be more relaxed, and your life will be lived in total preparedness for everything that comes your way. You will be armed with everything you need to battle any demon, illness, loss of a loved one, and still stand tall. You will have lived and learned all lessons and you will be ready, on that day, when God calls you home.

This is the reason I love Jesus Christ with all my heart and soul.. and in my personal life I love a man who lives to be like Him.