Every day we should focus on living our best life. Spending time doing what makes you a better person while building a closer relationship with the Father. In doing what makes you a better person, your time must be shared with others who stimulate your thinking and share commonalities. Folks we can be challenged by, yet never have hurt feelings.

We expect a great deal from life and expect our path to be filled with every lesson that test our emotions, compassion, love, and temperament. Things that push us to be our better selves. Life will always test us, to teach us to be Christ-like so Christ is reflected through us to others..

As we approach the end of September, the 9th month of 2020, there are only three months left. At the end of 2019, all of us prayed with expectations, that 2020 would be one of the best years, full of peace, harmony, and goodness for all. We can start now by creating a list for 2021. A list of our expectations from the world and from ourselves. What we need to improve within our personality/behavior, and how will you work with Jesus Christ. Once that is done, list your plan of action. Once you have finished, fold the list, put it away, and pull it out on New Year’s Eve to review and make changes…  Then go about living.

We must be prayerful and grateful for this year, though the earth has sent floods, fire, starvation, divisiveness, and homelessness. There is a lesson in our suffering.  We have been taught that God is good, but sometimes God will wound us just to make us better people.

As we approach the season of celebration. Let’s be grateful in all situations, and thankful for life.


Storms can cause power outages that restrict your getting out of the house. They often bring high winds, torrential rains, some tornadoes that destroy anything in its path.  Power outages can cause a shortage of food, fuel, water, medical equipment and other necessities for living.

These storms are beyond our control and only obey the orders of the Master. Just as we lose power that sustains life during natures storms, we can feel disconnected from our God source when personal storms touch our life. Personal events can leave us powerless and in the dark, feeling alone and weak. Isaiah 40:29 reads.. He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might_  He increases strength. This is assurance that God is with you in your storms, no need to fret.

At the lowest point in one's life, you can feel drained of emotional resources. What do you do when you are without hope? Trust in the Lord and He will direct your steps as He strengthens your spirit.

God promised all of  His children.  “Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. Oh God our help in ages past, Our hope for years to come, Our shelter from the stormy blast, And our eternal home.

God is our spiritual power source.There is no environmental storm that He cannot calm. There is no personal storm, He cannot bring you through.

Be Blessed!!!


Have you ever wondered why you do not pray aloud at the altar during altar call? Not only would it be disruptive to the service, but it is unnecessary. When you pray, it is a personal conversation between you and the Holy Father. You have no need to stand in public or sit with friends and share your deep intimate needs and desires. Confidentiality in humans is never guaranteed, but God is worthy of trust and faith.

Having a personal relationship with the Father allows you to commune directly with Him. Before you can have a relationship, your time and effort are necessary. Develop a prayer life that is daily and sincere. Praying in times of sorrow and happiness is acknowledging the Father in all the times, and will bring you blessings.  Reading scriptures is a way of getting to know Him and what He expects of you. When you know Him.. you are never without His guiding hand, and you are never alone. Having earthly friends is necessary, but only God can be your everything as you journey through life. He has proven He can maintain confidentiality and He has proven worthy of your faith and trust.

To secure a private main line with the Father, daily reading of scripture and time alone in prayer will hook you up. International connections, unlimited calling, unlimited minutes, God is available everyday and night... All you need do is call His name.