When Jesus talked about satan, He used vivid images to describe how satan works. Jesus spoke of the cunning, sometimes disguised one who walks the earth as a predator, searching for weak souls. If you are a believer, watch out! The dark one will use any means to trip you up. His job is to take away any hope you may have, kill your spirit, and destroy your testimonies. Your testimonies are evidence of God’s goodness in your life.

We know how satan slithers into our presence, yet most will fall victim to his attack. He seduces you with things that are fascinating, and appear to be fun. You sense that something is not right, but temptation has aroused your curiosity and you are drawn into his web.

John 10:10 states, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.” This scripture is a reminder that satan is your enemy. It is also testament that God is bigger and stronger than the enemy. God is the giver of life... overflowing with His joy, peace, and love.

Thank you, God, that you are more powerful than the enemy.


We can remember to do a lot of tasks every day, but we struggle to free up time to commune with spirit. There is something about setting aside Bible time that some folk find difficult, and others don’t think is necessary. If you want a meaningful spiritual life, you are required to do certain tasks. When you commune with spirit daily, it strengthens your faith so that when you pray, you pray knowing that you will receive.

To strengthen and nurture your faith requires spending uninterrupted time in God’s presence. We take time for everything we believe is important, but we neglect the very thing that has priority over everything that you deem important in life.  We neglect time with the Creator of earth and the Creator of the life we are given. Without Him.. there would be NO earth, NO you, and NO me.

It takes just a little time to read a scripture and say a prayer. If you spend a few minutes a day with God, your life will improve. If you continue to share time with God, you will have blessings raining down from the heavens. Your personal, financial and professional life will improve so much that you will schedule daily time communing with Christ. It will become a habit of love, and joy. 
You will look forward to that time as your Alone time with the Almighty Father.