Listening to church service on television, I was tickled when the minister preached that if you put a certain dollar amount in collection, God will perform a miracle in your life. Then he proceeded to brag about his 21,000 sq. foot house, the largest in his state.

When you look at the followers in most houses of worship, there is a belief that “I am under the rule of the minister and he speaks truth.” We have been conditioned to follow instruction when we hear it, too lazy to read and create our own path as we believe our money buys favor from God. God does not want money, He can’t spend it. The monies that you pay support the church and staff. If you think monies go to God, cut out the middle man and throw your donations up toward the sky. If God wanted it, He would grab it before it falls down to earth. Try it and see.

God works in your life because He can. He is God Almighty, and we witness miracles every day.  We are breathing oxygen and we are alive. We see the sick healed as the earth continues to spin on its axis. The sun shines and flowers grow all around us. Give money unselfishly to the church only as a way to maintain the structure, pay the staff and continue Missionary work. What you give will not guarantee your wealth. Make your gift one from the heart, without expectations.

Remember, Jesus preached outside and most of His mission work was done outside.


Being a believer does not mean you will live a trouble-free life. Being a Christian does not mean that your life will be pain free. Difficulties will be experienced by all, but faith allows you to sense God’s presence as you work through your circumstance.

Today, most of the world feels restless. We are experiencing life changing events that we could not have imagined. Vital businesses are now closed or restricted to a minimum schedule of operation, unemployment is high, and some are feeling alone. Others feel doubtful, while some have stopped looking for divine itervention.

God, promised to revive us, protect us, and save us. As believers we hold on, impatiently being patient. As the scripture reads…. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose."

Be patient and know that God is Soereign. He is everywhere, at all times. He knows your situation and will never abandon you.

-Romans 8:28 KJV

Father God, Help your children to remain hopeful, help us to trust Your plan.  Help us keep the FAITH!!!!


It is often said that character is what we are when no one is watching. Character is the true you, being your authentic self. Many of you will confuse character with reputation, they are not the same. To be of good character means aligning your mind, body and spirit, with the Lord's Word. It means that you agree to accept Him and obediently follow His teachings.

Good character requires that you be obedient to God's law. It requires obedience, discipline, and commitment.  When you follow the life of Jesus as He walked the earth,  you will reflect His will for you. That builds character.  Your actions and behavior will be witnessed by others through your kindness, compassion and deeds. Having good character means..  you will always behave as though God is watching.

Reputation is simply what others think of you.... and is often wrong.