Today you can choose where you will place your trust. Will you trust the limited wisdom of fallible men and women, or will you place your trust in God’s perfect wisdom.  If you place your trust in God, you will better know how to respond to all that life sends your way. You know that God works things out for the good of those who “follow” Him.

Being tired, discouraged or fearful is something we will experience. As humans, we are bound by emotions.  Everything that happens to you causes a reaction, but with God leading you, and your limitless faith, you can have some level of confidence that everything will be OK. Confidence in God’s power and trust in His Holy Word makes life’s journey more joyful.

All that happens is under God’s watchful eye. Though mankind has free will, every unplanned event, or planned event is under God’s watchful eye. It does no good to worry or fret.. the best we can do is to cover ourselves with the protective blood of Jesus and waith for God’s Word to come to fruition.

What He desires for your journey has been mapped out. Allow your blessed life to unfold and trust that evil will be punished, hatred and bigotry will slowly give way to love and compassion. That is all we can hope for!!


What you need is “HOPE!” An authentic hope that is more than shallow optimism, wishful thinking, or anxious yearning. Many believe that the world is troubled and our nation is headed down a path that is destructive. Some feel that there is nothing we can do, or should do. We know what should be done, but we are always waiting to be led.

We know that God is the God of HOPE. He is a God of Love, Justice, and wants us to experience peace today and hope for tomorrow. We are important to God as He watches each of us and knows our plight. Nothing happens to you, or in the world, that God does not know about. God has the power to change, stop, or fix the outcome of any event.  His compassion for us is unlimited and His love for all He created is unlimited.

Nothing will happen to you that He cannot stop. Put your faith and trust in God, and He will touch your life.