If you want a life filled with limitless opportunities, you must set boundaries that protect, nourish, and sustain your desires. This means weeding out the negative people, negative spoken word, and negative environments that stunt your growth and damage your self esteem.

Our world is full of people with controling personalities and desires that infringe on your plans. People want power, it can be as major as wanting to control another individual's life, or as minor as dictating to you what you ought and ought not do. When you set boundaries, it allows you to say "no" and "not interested."  You have to speak up and speak out against those who cross the line into your personal space, or setup roadblocks that hinder you from your life of limitless opportunities.

Sometimes you must say "NO" and if others persist simply ask, what part of No don't you understand…and move on.
Don't explain, don't belabor and don't allow others to bring it up again, No means No.
Strive to push limits… set goals then go for it, people who care about you will wish you well. And those who don't.. won't matter. If you have desires that push limits, the only obstacle between you and your desires is you.