When we are in the middle of a cold winter, there is always that anticipation that spring is coming.  Spring is A time when the earth renews itself after a dormant winter. We tend to view spring as a season of promise, a time of change that gives us hope that better days are ahead. When spring arrives, the earth renews itself, birds are chirping, but the better days we hoped for remind us of winter.

When you place trust in mankind, you will be disappointed. When you depend on the kindness of man, you are believing that he will be compassionate and God fearing. Not every person fears the wrath of God, if they did, we would not have evil in the world.  But just as every desert has an edge, darkness will give way to light. Changes, directed by God... will come.

Believe in God’s sovereignty. This sovereign God provides resources to all who believe. It may not come as a happy ever after ending, or peace in the house and senate, it comes in the assurance that He is ever present, and He will only allow satan to go so far. It comes in the promise of eternal life.

God assures us that He will welcome us into His kingdom, where only good, honest,  kind people will reside. There you will find peace.