There is a song called a Quiet Place. The place where you can be alone and commune with spirit. But the song tells us that the place is not a physical place, but a place deep within your heart. That is where Christ lives when you invite Him into your life. It is where He resides when you accept Him as Lord and Savior. Acceptance means you pledge and affirm to obediently follow His Word and all that He Is.

When He lives within, you can commune with Him every moment of every day. When you encounter difficulties or face challenges through-out the day, He is just a heartbeat away. What a blessing it is.. knowing that no matter what crosses your pathway, He is available to meet you at your place of need.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t have a physical place where you can invoke His presence, and in the quiet alone time, hear His voice. A physical place that is comfortable and relaxing will create an environment where your intimate relationship with the Father can be nurtured. It can be the Quiet Place where you remove yourself from the daily routine of life and can feel the energy of blessings and healing. It is a sacred place where you and God can be together. The sacred earthly place that you and God share..


Well, the last holiday of summer has passed, and we are moving forward on this journey. This year reminds us of how little we have control over life’s events, and how important it is to have a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. Nothing can calm the spirit like knowing and believing in Jesus Christ. It is a great feeling to know that you may feel lonely, but you are never alone.

As the seasons change, let us take the time to look inward and re-evaluate our spirit. Self-examination requires looking at the good and the bad within. If you have a jealous spirit, determine the cause. If you have a spirit of insecurity, dig deep within to find the source. If there is prejudice in your heart, you have got to work through until you find out why. Many of these negative energies are learned. Who taught you and why??

Your energy is the source of how you treat others. It can also intimidate or harm others. It can be contagious, or it can incite responses that impact the masses. Remember, you are one.. but one of many. All that you do, touches the life of another. Spoken words have power. They can start wars, or they can spread peace.

Think of your energy.. would you have you as a friend?


Life will only make sense when you realize that you were made by God and for God. You were not an after thought, or a temporary creation that would fill a void until God could do better. You are it!! With everything that comes with this journey, it is what it is. You are it, and life is what it is.

The best that we can do is to ask God for guidance and thank Him for the gift of life. We can honor His Son by remembering His journey to the cross while living a life that honors His sacrifice. We can develop a loving relationship by feeding our spirit with prayer and meditation that will heal the broken parts of our spirit. If all living beings worked to make their spirit attractive to Christ, the world would be at peace.

When we live in service to Christ, we become Christ-like. We cannot develop character like His without His help. So.. as we shelter in place, give your concerns to Our Lord. Confusion, fear, panic, uncertainty, will try to enter your spirit. These are dark spirits that work for satan. Show Him who is BOSS… fight him with the Word of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ..


The 23rd Psalm has been a favorite throughout history. It provides calming words of wisdom, it gives strength and courage in times of loss, trials and tribulations. It is a song of David.

No matter what your situation, this scripture provides comfort  and assurance that you are never alone. The Lord is Shepherd, watching over and guiding our path. We are His flock, and He is attentive to every one under His charge, providing our needs. Not only does He supply our needs, He gives even more. Green pastures, Still waters, The best of the best.

David lets the world know how much He trust the Lord. When he walks through the valley of the shadow of death, he does not fear satan or the world because the Lord is with him. Through his daily walk, he knows the Lord's goodness and mercy shall cover him, and that is the word he left for you.

Through out life's journey, obstacles will cross your path, and satan will try to conquer your soul... The Lord wants you to know that when you walk with Him, you have nothing to fear.

Stay calm..  knowing that you are never alone when facing life's challenges. The Lord has proven himself to David, and David assures us that The Lords truth is true.