The 23rd Psalm has been a favorite throughout history. It provides calming words of wisdom, it gives strength and courage in times of loss, trials and tribulations. It is a song of David.

No matter what your situation, this scripture provides comfort  and assurance that you are never alone. The Lord is Shepherd, watching over and guiding our path. We are His flock, and He is attentive to every one under His charge, providing our needs. Not only does He supply our needs, He gives even more. Green pastures, Still waters, The best of the best.

David lets the world know how much He trust the Lord. When he walks through the valley of the shadow of death, he does not fear satan or the world because the Lord is with him. Through his daily walk, he knows the Lord's goodness and mercy shall cover him, and that is the word he left for you.

Through out life's journey, obstacles will cross your path, and satan will try to conquer your soul... The Lord wants you to know that when you walk with Him, you have nothing to fear.

Stay calm..  knowing that you are never alone when facing life's challenges. The Lord has proven himself to David, and David assures us that The Lords truth is true.