Life requires preparation, determination and perseverance.  Living life puts us on a path of experiencing and learning. It may be through formal or informal education, but we are always being prepared for the hereafter.

To be prepared for events, challenges and triumphs, we must know our Lord. Even in the best of times, you need something that has been proven_  that you can believe in. With the dysfunction in  the world today, it’s a miracle that we are still able to put the left shoe on the left foot, and the right shoe on the right foot. It is a miracle that most folk still hold some semblance of sanity while coping with the unexpected path the nation has taken... but that is why preparedness is mandatory. In times like these, you must have a built-in belief system that sustains you as the world is falling apart. The belief system must be in God the Father and Jesus His Son.

You need determination to stick to God’s plan for your life. You may not know what it is, but as you live, something deep in your spirit directs you to your purpose.  Be determined enough to want it, seek it, and let nothing prevent you from obedience to the Almighty.

Life can deal you a set of un-playable cards, you must be determined enough to know that this is one of many hands you will be dealt. Things can go wrong, you may face obstacles, but to persevere and secure a victory, you must have patience. Wait on the Lord, do good, and life will reward you.