When God is the center of your life, you understand the need for “Divine Order” in all things. You know that He is wise, kind, compassionate, and fair.  Instead of pushing God to make things happen out of urgency, you pray and wait patiently for God to work. Faith teaches us that He may not come when we want Him, but His timing is always right.

Divine order is God’s way of reigning over heaven and earth and having the needs of all things taken care of at the right time. Divine order brings seasons, food from the earth, rain, new life, oxygen, water, and death. These things work under God’s order.

Think of all you have been through, now that you are on the other side, your perspective should change. You can evaluate what, why, and how you made it through. You can also see that during those times, God did not forsake you. Divine Order is bigger that you or me. Its purpose is to aid our interdependency on all things of God, working toward common goals. To live as brothers and sisters, while accepting and respecting the value of all things.

When you let go of trying to make life what you think it should be, God steps in just to make it the planned path that was chosen for you at birth. He had your whole life mapped before you were born, He left room for you to stray, try new things, and for your disobedience. He knows that there is no perfection in humans. So, let God be God. Allow Him to guide you, discipline you, and to be your solid rock on which you stand when your footing becomes unstable. Accept His “Divine Order” as affirmation that you live in a benevolent universe, created by a benevolent God.


We hurry so much that it is difficult for us to accept the concept of time. Time consist of sixty seconds a minute, sixty minutes equals one hour, and twenty- four hours gives us a day. Each day is separated by day and night. Time by the earthly clock can not be made up… we say things like “I didn’t sleep well I’ll take a nap to catch up on my sleep.” Or we believe we save time by running by fast food restaurants and picking up dinner, instead of cooking.  We delude ourselves in believing we can save, manage, or lose time.. there is no such thing.. the clock continues to tick, time will continue its journey toward completing its day.

One situation that gives me hope for making up, or cheating time. I am on an airplane in New York headed to Paris. We are thirty minutes late departing JFK and everyone thought we would be late. Time is still passing, but once airborne the pilot announces that he will make up the lost time as we have a tail wind behind us and will be landing on time. We lost thirty minutes on the ground, clock still ticking, but we arrive on schedule. Within the parameters of the concept of TIME, the pilots beat it. But 30 minutes were lost and are somewhere in the atmosphere.

I say this as a reminder to all, that our timing and God’s time are two distinct systems. God does not manage time, submit to your time constraints, or is a hurry to do anything. We have a misconception of time and squander in through careless living.

We are impatient in life, and impatient when waiting for God to answer our prayers. We only see the things that weigh us down, but God sees the big picture from an eternal perspective. God will not respond with quick fixes, or short-term solutions. When we allow His will to be our primary concern, we will begin to understand God’s perfect timing and will no longer worry and fret over circumstances.

Time goes on, no matter the circumstances.