Blessings are all around us. Regardless of what is occurring in your life right now, you are being blessed. As you slept through the night, others did too, but some did not awaken to this new day. If you are awake, this is your 1st blessing today.

We may complain about finances, taxes, government, jobs and health.  Some may feel cursed by God with suffering and repeated challenges.. that is not God’s way. He will not bless you with life and curse you with challenges. God does not do evil deeds against His children at any time. Perhaps satan sees your life as a miracle, of and by God, so he curses you with challenges and obstructions to weaken your faith.

Be grateful,  stop being a complainer about the bad things and take the time to appreciate the blessing of being alive. It is a gift to have life and have Jesus Christ in your life. To be alive with challenges, is a miracle itself when you consider the alternatives. 

Thank God for the gift of a Birthday.. EVERY DAY..