Labor Day is the holiday that signals to us that summer is past. Depends on where you live, fall or autumn is here. On this day, we have much to be thankful for. The air is stirring up allergies, but it still supports life. The world is still spinning on its axis, and the sun goes down just to rise a new day.

No matter how bad things appear, you are truly blessed. In just the past few minutes, someone took their last breath. Someone lost their breath due to violence. I know it sounds cliché, but love is the only thing that can conquer the evil in the world. 

There is a sickness that has some  thinking that sin is acceptable. They are believing that women can’t be raped, adultery is OK, pedophilia can be paid off, and we can sell our children. The same people who are against abortion and the death penalty_  promote assault weapons and poor health care. This is not God's way. This is not the reason Jesus went to the Cross.

Jesus looked out for others as he walked miles to spread the gospel. He was kind, considerate, compassionate, and selfless. He believed in helping others and that is what He wants you to do.
It is hard to love when you are called out of your name, dehumanized, and just treated like nobody, but you are a child of God’s and that means that you have a special love connection.

We know better, therefore we should do better. When you are a true believer, you cannot turn your head when the devil is working through others. How do we face the Lord when we sat quietly while children were taken from their family, caged, young kids are shot on the street, molested and our law makers are filling their bank accounts.

There will be a new day, and a new world. Hold on tight, pray, and trust GOD.