We can’t lose heart because of what is happening in the world.. we have been abundantly blessed. Even as you shelter in place you are being blessed, but it is up to you to maintain a balanced mind, body and spirit during this period.

Think of the ancestors who were not privileged to see the fruits of their labor. Through their trials and tribulations, they stood firm. Through oppression and mistreatment, they worked to make life better for others. We have enjoyed the fruits of their labor, yet there is more to be done. Progress made is being stripped away and we are left to forge a new path. If you are unaware, spend this time in a spiritual revival. When the world opens again, hopefully we will have awakened.

Release the shackles and chains and start thinking, talking and caring again. Forget the job, concerts, sporting events. We have been forced into solitude for a season and a reason. We cannot come out of this experience... as the same person who went in.