When we experience trials, we are left wondering why!  Some folks have trials on a recurring basis, others rarely have them. We look at the lives of others and assume that they have it made. Looking from the outside can be mis-leading. We make a mistake when we as outside observers, compare our lives to others. Things are not always what they seem.

To get a better handle on this thing we call life, understand that trials are NOT God’s punishment. He will lead, guide, direct, protect and send miracles your way, but God does not punish you to teach you. He is the King of transformation. We could never comprehend the journey of the butterfly.  Why it began life as a creepy caterpillar crawling on its belly, then transforms into a beautiful butterfly, flittering from flower to flower as it brings smiles to our faces.

Trials are lessons that you failed to learn. They present themselves over and over, forcing you to look at the faulty choices you made, hoping that wisdom will enable you to wisely make the right choice.

Christ is telling you to try again, you can do this, encouraging you to learn so you can move on to better things.

God is good. He is cheering you on to live better and do better. He would never leave your pain unhealed, or hide the truth. Nor would he give you a meaningless lesson. Trials are for your benefit. They motivate you to grow in faith and spiritual maturity, and push you closer to the Father.