When life takes you away from what is normal, you may panic, develop anxiety and become uncertain about the future. When things are happening to you that are out of your control, these are moments when you need a solid foundation of faith. A faith so strong that even in the darkest moments, you know that you will come out victorious.

When you think of a foundation, there is nothing that excites you about cement in the ground. But if you are buidling a house, the foundation must be solid and firm. It must be able to with stand the weight of whatever you build on it. Your foundation to stand firmly on is Jesus Christ. He is a solid rock on which you can stand while  the choppy waters of illness, debt, bad relationships and unemployment dance around you.

Faith is.. trust in God. Jesus Christ is the only one who can save you from  evil that rises against you. When you pray, He can transform you completely. Your spiritual transformation and spiiritual growth allows you to face trials without doubt or uncertainty. Our Lord and Savior is superior and when you place your faith in Him, your victory is assured.


Have you learned to give your worries and cares to the Lord?  When life is complicated and you have tough decisions and problems to solve, most of us still worry. We sit in our favorite chair and try to figure out how we can come to a positive end.

Many, if not all problems are initiated by the devil. The devil has no power against God, so he works through weakened believers. He works to obstruct our path by sending bad things for us to deal with. The devil is really trying to destroy God’s reputation, to make you believe that He does not love you, but don’t fall for it. That is what satan does, but knowing he is powerless over God clarifies who holds the greatest power.

When you observe everything around you, the beauty of God’s work is everywhere and reminds us of His sovereign powers. The answer to every problem, challenge, or sickness is in His Hands.. yet we make every attempt to stand alone in our difficulties. God is God. Omnipotent, omnipresent, sovereign, almighty and all powerful. There is nothing that can happen to you, around you, or in the world that He can’t make better. He is available 24/7 to guide you through the worst of storms as well as the sunniest days.  All you need to do is call on HIM.

                         “Faith is seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness.”



Father God, thank You for wisdom and common sense that sometimes, we are negligent in using


Trouble is something that is unavoidable and comes at the most inopportune time. When ever trouble enters your life, it knocks you off balance and disrupts your sense of control. You become disoriented and unfocused. You believe that you control your life, but you only control how you respond to life. Everything else, you need divine guidance.

The brain is capable of processing facts to formulate a solution. Moving through a process called “needs analysis,”  you can solve some issues without divine help. But the kind of trouble that has long term consequences need assistance. Trouble can cause incarceration, humiliation and death. The story surrounding trouble in your life can live forever if not properly handled. It imay be passed down through gossip and can impact generations. Some demonic energy preys in families until someone breaks the cycle.

We are taught that in suffering we pray, and in times of joy we sing Psalms. Life presents us with situations that cannot be handled by human strength and power alone. Living in these tumultuous times, problems are more difficult, appear more often and we cannot make this journey alone. God is the answer to trouble. If you are suffering..  pray.  God the Almighty Awesome One, will fight your battles and He will Judge all things and make them right.


As long as there is breath in your body, you will be visited by the storms of life. Storms appear in the lives of believers as well as non-believers. Storms appear in the lives of Christians and atheists. They are unpredictable, limitless in strength and ability to damage what lies in its path.  They are no respecter of person. 

Just as hurricanes and tornadoes are unpredictable and can be destructive, so too can the storms in your life. The force of a personal storm can send you to your knees in prayer. Boarding windows, and placing sandbags around your spirit will not protect you. Your protection lies in the strength of your faith, acknowledging Jesus Christ through prayer and scripture, and knowing that He will bring you through.

Your relationship with Our Lord and Savior will determine your fate when the storms of life roll in. Facing them alone will doom you to failure, and wavering faith will create an unstable path for you to maneuver. Believing in God Almighty, who has conquered satan and kicked him out of heaven means that the battle for your soul is already won. You  must nurture your spirit with soul food, and be obedient in the Word.

 Every event that comes into your life is known by God before it reaches you. When you are a true believer, and live as a believer.. call on Jesus Christ who spoke to the raging seas, and they obeyed.