Why does race remain America’s deepest and most enduring divide? Simply because not everyone believes that God created all humans in His likeness. They do not believe that we are one race, the Human race. They do not believe that all humans are created equal. Those who believe, have no problem with differences.

The pretend believers are the problem. They call the name of Jesus Christ when it is convenient, or when it promotes their agenda. They have no more love for the Father than they have for those who are different. These are the people who have partnered with the devil and his trappings. They have no true connection to God and have not fully accepted Him into their hearts.

When you see these toxic people, you know they are un-Godly. Ignore their words and watch their actions, you will easily discern those who are operating in the light of goodness, or the dark of evil. Limit your time in their presence. When possible, avoid them and their negative speech. The strength of your protective spirit is only as strong as the food you feed it.

Scriptures, prayer, communing with the great spirit, maintains that fence of protection around you and yours. Today’s predators have taken on a more enticing form, they appear like sparkling gold. Once they conquer your soul.. the gold paves your path straight to hell.