The heart beats about 100,000 times a day pumping blood through our veins. As we age, we become more aware of its rhythm, we are tuned in to changes in its rhythm because within each beat, lies the essence of life. It is also the place where Christ resides, making it possible for us to commune with Him beyond the flesh, but in spirit, and truth.

Because we operate by what we feel, our actions are guided by what is in the heart. Good or bad, your heart influences all that you do.  We watch as leaders, young people, well to do folks commit negative acts against humanity, yet we struggle to understand. There are no explanations that defend behaviors when the source is an evil spirit. Our president, the people he surrounds himself with are evil. Many who call themselves evangelicals... are evil. The devil has conquered their souls.

Marianne Williamson was laughed at when she was a candidate for president. WHY???  Because she stressed that Love is the answer to the world’s downfall. She is correct. When you love God, Jesus Christ is Lord. Your love for Him is the reason for all the good that is in you. You cannot love God, whom you have not seen and hate your fellow man who you see daily. One who loves the Father, loves self, and when you love self, you cannot hurt, harm those who are brothers and sisters of the human race.

Yes.. we are children of the Father, but not all of us are believers or followers. Acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord, believing, being obedient, and spreading the good news will endear you to Gods heart.

Love is the answer to building a better world.


You must have a place where you can sit alone and let your thoughts wander. A quiet place where you can commune with spirit without distractions. Where you may quietly read your Bible, Quran, Inspirational Books and mature from the moments spent in God’s presence. When we worked everyday, few of us made time for God. Now that we have unlimited time, your friend that is Jesus, is waiting to hear from you. 

How are you doing today? If your first response is fine.. are you living your truth? How is your spirit? Are you on a rock-solid foundation trusting that God will bring you out of this plague and the world will be a better place? God did not intend for mankind to live for long periods without interacting with others.  During this shutdown of earth, you may feel emotional sometimes and that is normal. If you are afraid, join the club... but whatever you are feeling, talk about it to make sure that you stay in a good place emotionally. Reach out, get on the phone and call family and friends. There are counseling services available by phone to give emotional support. 

We need to know that others are experiencing feelings that are unusual, we are human. Keep busy, DO NOT drain your energy with things you have no control of. You can only control your response to this lockdown so Seek God, family, and friends.

“The sun will come out tomorrow.
YOU CAN BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR..... that tomorrow there will be sun.”

-From Annie


When you can stand in your power and speak, and it is spiritually received, people are convinced that you are who you say you are and you can do what you say you can, you are not to be denied.  Reading the scriptures, you cannot help but feel the power of God’s words. When God speaks the words “Thou shall not, I AM, I Will,”  He takes full responsibility of fulfilling His promise.

So often we make the mistake of trying to control a situation, or make it happen as we desire, or work against God’s promise and we fail. We are so strong-willed that we believe we can create and change the divine path God has assigned to us. It is time to be obedient. When you stop shadow boxing with God, you will be more relaxed, and your life will be lived in total preparedness for everything that comes your way. You will be armed with everything you need to battle any demon, illness, loss of a loved one, and still stand tall. You will have lived and learned all lessons and you will be ready, on that day, when God calls you home.

This is the reason I love Jesus Christ with all my heart and soul.. and in my personal life I love a man who lives to be like Him.